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¡The 5 factors for a healthy life!

Good health is not by chance, it is a choice determined by 5 important factors:

The food you eat

The food you eat and how you prepare it is the number one factor in living a long and healthy life.

The air you breathe

Carico’s air purification system purifies the air and treats what other systems don’t treat.

The water you drink

The most advanced point-of-use water purification system created to provide you with the purest water for drinking and cooking.

Good night rest

Sleeping system, mattress pad, pillows, rest is a decisive factor for good health.


We’re here to help you live a healthy life through strength training and conditioning tips!

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Thank you for taking the time to review our “colletion” of Carico products. this special collection is the result of extensive consumer research and one that we bring you with pride.

At Carico we search the world to find the finest products, produced by the most skilled craftsmen, and bring them directly to you. there are no finer products available anywhere in the world! they are designed to last a lifetime, give you great value and save you momney. This is the  reason Carico is experiencing tremendous growth!

Carico products are presented though private showings by Certified Carico Consultants. This concept makes it possible for you to examine the products at your convenience while we give you the personal attention you deserve.

All Carico products are convered by written warranties and backed by a concerned customer service department. Satisfied customers are our number one concern. We appreciate the educated consumer and go to great lengths to fulfill their needs!

This catalog has been desingned to show you the beatiful “collection” of Carico products that we have available. For additional information or to arrange for a private showing. contact your Certified Carico Consultant ou visit us at www.carico.com

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5 Factors that determine living a longer, healthier life

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You will learn simple, highly effective methods that will ensure the best results. In addition, you will receive ongoing training by an experienced Carico manager as you develop on the job.



Your earning potential is in direct proportion to your desire to succeed, your enthusiasm and the amount of time you devote to this work.

Our proven marketing methods offer everyone the opportunity to earn exceptional income plus valuable business experience.



Travel opportunities around the world Carico allows you to enjoy joyful trips to Italy, Spain, France, Hawaii, Mexico and other popular locations three or four times a year.

Excellent company, products, offerings, with a highly trained staff. I have purchased the juice extractor, air purifier and shower and am highly interested in purchasing the other products. I highly recommend them. From Pedro Ruben I have had excellent service and he responds immediately. “You call and Pedro arrives. This is a lifetime investment.

Jairo T. Guerra


I recommend all your products, especially the air purifier, excellent for those of us who have pets at home.

Mariellis Alvarado


I am very satisfied with Carico products the purifiers are excellent all Carico products for me are the best investment.

Mark Martinez


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Carico is one of the largest and fastest growing companies of its kind in the world today. Carico is an international company established for over 50 years and has grown to become a leader in its category.